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One ride of the luge (1 or 2 persons in the car) is 8,50 euros, 6 rides are 42,50 euros et 10 rides are 68 euros. Tickets are not personal. You can use the tickets as you wish. Tickets are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Luge tickets are not personal, you can use them as you wish.
The minimum age is 3 years old, with an adult of at least 16 years old.
In case of very heavy rain, it's possible, for your security, that it'll be necessary to close temporarily our attractions. (Carefull, there is not any refund because of the meteo). Every luge tickets are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Yes, no matter how many people are in the luge, the price is for 1 ride and not per person.
Yes, on condition that you respect the maximum weight of 150 kg.
Unfortunately, no.
The photo is 4 euros, either 2 tokens or by credit card.
Your photo is kept for the whole day of the shooting. Afterwards, it is deleted. It is not possible to print the next day.
No, we don't refund used luge tickets (even 1 ride). Every tickets are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Yes, vending machiche are available (next to the boarding of the luge), to buy tickets (1, 6 and 10 rides) only by credit card. You can also buy online on our website. In this case, you just have to go at the boarding with your voucher (printed or on you phone).
The luge alpine coaster is without reservation. Come directly to our opening hours.
Yes, feel free to ask the staff if you need help.
No, the package is made to be share and matches very well for a familly of 2 adults and 2 kids. You can add more luge rides, tokens or writband if you need.

Ski / Ski lifts

No, the Planards ski pass is valid only at the ski area les Planards.
No, everything is independent. For ski lessons, it's with ESF Chamonix and for equipment, it's at the shop Sport 2000.
No, every ski lifts at Les Planards are chargeable.
At the shop Sport 2000 at les Planards.
At l'ESF de Chamonix at les Planards or at Chamonix center.
Lockers are available at the shop Sport 2000.
No, the insurance is in addition at the price of 3.50 euros per day and per ski pass.
No, like every ski area in Chamonix, you can buy only a daily ski pass or for 4h.
No, we don't refund used ski passes.
Yes, the ski area Les Planards is included in these ski passes.
No, every ski passes (daily or 4h) are valid the day of purchase. However, you can buy a ski pass in advance for an other day (on request only).
No, every ski passes are personals. Every person has to get his ski pass to take the ski lifts.
No, the 4 hours start from the first terminal passage (ski lift, chair lift).

Parc & Attractions

Every attraction works with tokens. 1 or 2 tokens depending on the attraction. It's possible to buy package of tokens.
You can buy the tokens by unit or by package at the cash desk at the entrance of the park or at the vending machine (only by credit cards) next to the boarding of the luge. 
No, the tokens are not refundable, however, they are valid indefinitely, so you can use them an other day.
No, the tokens can not be returned or exchanged.
Yes, dogs are allowed in the park.
Yes, it exists some picnick area in the park.
No, no products from La Compagnie du Mont-Blanc are selled at les Planards.
Yes, feel free to ask the staff if you need help.
Yes, on the terrace of the restaurant, in free access.


Yes, but no money is given back.
Yes, from 20 euros minimum.
No, we accept only euros.
Specials offers are valid only at the cash desk. Please come to the cash desk on the day of your visit with the proof (if necessary).
No, the multipass doesn’t work for the luge. There are no freebies or special offer either on the Chamonix Unlimited.
For large families or group of people, there is the pack of 6 rides or 10 rides of luge.
Yes, you can benefit of buy one ride of luge, get one free upon presentation of a valid ski pass.


You can find the opening hours on our web site or directly on the screen at the park entrance.
Yes, it works the same way as summer. However, all attractions are closed in winter.
Yes, only in weekends, school vacations and public holidays.


Yes, but be careful, it is only served in winter by line 14. In summer, no bus served this bus stop.
No, the parking is free.
L’arrêt Place du Mont-Blanc pour la ligne 02 et l’arrêt Mummery pour la ligne 01. La gare SNCF se trouve à 10 minutes du parc. (Plan).


By phone on the 04 50 53 08 97 or by e-mail on the address
Yes must to book by writting us an email at