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Ski night-evenings in downtown Chamonix!

On the 2 ski lifts come skiing in music and under the stroboscopes you face the parallel slalom and gymkhana having fun.
Multi sliding zone for sledge, parets .. (whithout lifts).
Snack / drinks: mulled wine, hot chocolate, beer .. and snacks, sandwiches, pancakes ...
Festive skiing!
Opening of the domain from 5:30pm to 9:00pm
Animations for all.

ski pass: 10 € to buy on the Planards area
access included with skipass Planards day, week and skipass Mont-Blanc Unlimited and Chamonix le Pass day, week.

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    new slide, to discover absolutely at Planards ! >>> discover the pleasures of snow, skiing and the mountains and make you autonomous on track safely and playfully in less than half a day of learning! more infos

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