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Le Snooc, nouvelle glisse de l'hiver !

Wed, 01/15/2020 - 11:58




The latest new one of winter. Hybrid between skiing and sledding, just try it out and you'll like it !

Easy and playfull, accessible from 10 years old, which will appeal nonskiers and skiers.

Nonskiers friends, no more waiting at the restaurant  finally reach the slopes. Enjoy the view at the top of the chairlift !

Skiers and snowboarder news sensations of sliding. On the ground, pick up speed and carve.

Curious ? Try it for free on our test area !


Planards Ski Area

A fun and perfectly adapted environment to learn how to ski.
Slopes for all levels 5 minutes from downtown Chamonix.
Fun and accessible skiing for families or friends !

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