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Père et Fils Luge sur Rails été Domaine des Planards Chamonix

Luge Alpine Coaster

A beautiful setting, glide through fir trees, overlooking Mont-Blanc.
Lovers of sensations or simply in love with nature, the alpine coaster luge is made for you !

A big coaster in the heart of the mountains !

The Chamonix Alpine Coaster Luge opened in 2011 to replace the former summer toboggan, is a fun attraction for the whole family.
A 1.3 km rail track with twists, 540 ° spins, turns and thrills.
Fun & sensations guaranteed !

Located in downtown Chamonix, this unique activity in the region is open year round ! (Annual closing after the All Saints' Day half term holidays until mid-December).
Advantages for this fun attraction in Chamonix :
- Ability for two adults or two children to ride in the same luge
- Accessible for everyone from 3 years old ( 3 to 7 years olds must be accompanied by an adult )
- Fully secure luge that can operate in all weather conditions ( with seat belts for both passengers )
- The Alpine Coaster goes round a full circuit : meaning you embark and debark from the bottom of the site, where the activity will be explained to you, from where you are towed up to the top of the downhill track...
Let's go !

A souvenir photo will allow you to immortalise the experience !



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    WE ARE OPEN !!! discover the activities HERE

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  • masque obligatoire


    wearing a mask is compulsory in the park, at the snack bar and on the luge
    Hydro-alcoholic gel is availab

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