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Trampolines Domaine des Planards Chamonix

Amusement Park

Fun for everyone, adults, children alike ! 13 attractions for guaranteed amusement and sensations.

The Mont-Blanc Amusement Park !

A great place to have a good time, with family, friends or in a group.
Multiple activities and attractions await both children and adults : slides, trampolines, looping rides, boat splash, giant swing ...

But also games for little children: a carousel, electric motorcycles, mechanical diggers ...
Even more convenient, you only pay for the attractions you want ! Attractions operate with one or two tokens purchased at the cash desk, independently and under the supervision of parents and park staff.

Services: Parking 800 free spaces, bar-restaurant, picnic areas ...



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    OPENING LUGE AND ATTRACTIONS: every week-ends of october from 1:30pm to 5:30pm +infos

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